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The Importance of Being Curious

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As a new practicum student at Collaborative Possibilities, I have taken on the curious role of a learner. I am reminded of the powerful way in which having a curious approach can transform your relationships, improve mental health and encourage creativity. As a counsellor, being curious about the client is critical to understand their particular worldview and situation. However, this same curious stance can be a transformative tool in all our relationships, including our relationship with ourselves.

The first step in understanding our reactions or behaviours is to be curious whenever we feel our emotions rising or changing. These emotions may first become clear through changes in your body, including symptoms such as sweaty palms, tightness in your chest or ringing in your ears. Learn your physical signs of emotional changes and understand them as an opportunity to get curious about what is going on. Often, we avoid digging into these emotions because dealing with them can be painful and scary but these symptoms suggest an excellent opportunity to tackle our feelings and learn how to process and manage them before they get out of control.

Curiosity can allow us to build a connection and understanding with others. Asking people questions about their lives and being genuinely curious about them provides opportunities for a deeper understanding of others, helps find things you have in common and indicates that you are interested in their life. Being curious about yourself, others, and the world encourages connection, understanding and growth. Continue to be curious, always, whether you are a new student or a seasoned professional. Curiosity is the key to learning, creativity and connection. Always be curious!

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