Group Hospitality                 The Daring Way

Confidentiality: What is said in the group stays in the group.  Period! 

Chance Meetings: If chance brings you into one time or regular contact with another participant outside of the group, be discreet about your conversation.  

“I know her/him”:  You may look around and recognize someone you know.  We encourage you to either speak directly with that person about how to navigate the group experience together, or speak with Alisha if you need help addressing the situation. 

Contact outside the group:  Please feel free to exchange personal contact information (i.e. phone numbers, e-mails) with each other as you are comfortable to do so.  The group leaders will not be providing any contact information with group members.   

Punctuality:  We will begin and end on time.  If you are running late, or need to leave early, just slip in and out as quietly as you can for there to be as little disruption to the group process as possible.  Also, send Alisha a text or voicemail to let her know of any changes in your schedule at any time.     

Food:  Please feel free to bring whatever snacks or beverage will make you feel comfortable.  We will provide bottled water and coffee at each session. 

Cell Phones:  If you need to keep your phone on for a possible emergency (sick child, etc.), please let the group know at the beginning that your phone will be on, and feel free to leave the room to answer your call if needed.  Otherwise, please silence all cell phones and refrain from texting. 

Circle of Trust Touchstones

Adapted from Parker Palmer 


Extend and receive welcome.  People learn best in hospitable spaces.    

In this circle, we support each other’s learning by giving and receiving hospitality. 

Be present as fully as possible.  Be here with your doubts, fears, and failings as well as your convictions, joys, and successes, your listening as well as your speaking. 

What is offered in the circle is by invitation, not demand.  This is not a “share or be judged” event!   

Speak your truth in ways that respect other people’s truth.  Our views of reality may differ, but speaking one’s truth does not mean interpreting, correcting, or debating what others say.  

No fixing, no saving, no advising, and no setting each other straight.  This is one of the hardest guidelines and it is one of the most vital rules if we wish to make a space that welcomes the soul.  

Learn to respond to others with honest, open questions.  With such questions, we help “hear each other into deeper speech”.  

When the going gets rough, turn to wonder.  If you feel judgmental or defensive, ask yourself, “I wonder, what might have brought him/her to this belief?”  or “What is he/she feeing right now?”  or “What does my reaction teach me about myself?”  Set aside judgment to listen to others—and to yourself more deeply. 

Observe deep confidentiality.  Trust comes from knowing that group members honor confidences and take seriously the ethics of privacy and discretion.   

Know that it’s possible to leave here with whatever it was that you needed when you arrived.   Know that the seeds planted here can keep growing in the days ahead.